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Liberation through Healing... 


Guided by the Life of Jomo Joka Omowale -

The Omowale Project was conceived by Emani Davis in 2020, but its foundations were laid years earlier by her father, Jomo Joka Omowale. Omowale is Yoruba for the child has come home


The legacy of Jomo Joka Omowale is a commitment to liberation, self-actualization, and healing of Black-bodied people. Jomo inspired many people with his understanding of liberation: despite having been incarcerated for most of his life, Jomo maintained that he was a liberated man whose body was the only imprisoned part of him. Jomo was whole and complete when he transitioned in late 2017, but his work was not. 


Intended as a continuation of Jomo’s work, our work mirrors his radical principles and  challenges the current rhetoric and understanding of accountability and healing.


The Omowale Project employs interdisciplinary practices that expand our internal capacity for repair for those who have experienced trauma, specifically racialized trauma. With its work falling at the intersection of neuroscience, ancestral wisdom, and healing arts. 

"This movement should be led by the most healed
among us, not just the most harmed."

- Emani Davis, The Omowale Project

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