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The Omowale Project offers Liberation through Individual and Collective Healing: A Pathway to Self-Nurturance©, our training program in a series of  90-minute modules (workshops). These workshops serve as an introduction into the process of deeper self-observation and discovery as a means of creating a sustainable healing practice. Participants are introduced to multiple topics and be offered the opportunity to continue and deepen their work in individual sessions with the facilitator. In these private video calls (Shift Sessions), participants are able to further their individual reparative work, and both create and be supported in a robust plan for self-nurturance and care. 

The Omowale Project serves individuals, community and faith-based organizations, academic and philanthropic institutions and private sector companies. 


Liberation through Healing Workshop Series©


ACCESSING LIBERATION THROUGH RITUAL REST©:  Inspired by the transformative work of The Nap Ministry, ritual rest is foundational to the actualization of a truly liberated future. As the base of healing, imagination, and creation - rest is essential. 


SECURING LIBERATION THROUGH BOUNDARY©:  In this workshop, participants are guided into the process of healthy boundary-setting as a means of deepening and expanding relationships and increasing our capacity to serve. 


VICARIOUS TRAUMA - HOW TO SERVE THE WOUND WITHOUT BEING WOUNDED©:  Honoring the challenges faced by service providers who serve communities impacted by intergenerational and unrelenting trauma, we explore approaches and techniques to ensure that we serve from our wholeness. 


RE-CONTEXTUALIZING LOSS - GRIEF AS A SACRED TEACHER©:  Honoring the exhausting and even paralyzing impact of loss and grief on all of us, this workshop offers a new way to observe and integrate loss into our lives, highlighting the many ways that grief comes to teach each of us valuable lessons for life and service. 


“HOW TO” - INTEGRATING A SUSTAINABLE PRACTICE OF HEALING AND CARE INTO OUR DAILY LIVES©: Tapping into the parts of ourselves that were present before oppression through joy and pleasure, we can access the ancestral memories of wholeness, oneness and freedom. In this session we identify practical steps towards building a realistic and sustainable reparative care practice, while expanding experiential liberation through the cultivation of pleasure and joy.

Shift Sessions

Shift Sessions are designed to provide individual support for people wanting to "shift" parts of their lives.  Our model is deeply personalized, spiritually grounded  and intuitive. We offer support in many areas and have highlighted a few below:

  • Developing a rest and nurturance practice for healing and overall health and wellbeing

  • Building sustainable boundaries

  • Grief & Loss (processing transition, including but not limited to physical death)

  • Altar work

  • Healing and protection from vicarious trauma for service providers and community members

Our sessions are intended for individuals, couples and families. We welcome all and specialize in working with people who are directly affected by the "justice" system and or and/or transitioning from street-based careers.

Sessions are scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. 60 minute or 90 minute sessions available. Sliding scale available; most participant costs are underwritten by their organizations or funders. 

We encourage a 30 minute free consultation session to ensure connectivity. Please get in touch by using our GET IN TOUCH button below.


The Omowale Project facilitates in-person Forwards (because we are not in retreat) all over the US. Giving organizations and individual participants the opportunity to experience health-based capacity building support and hands-on care from Healing Arts and bodywork practitioners in a semi-sacred communal environment. 

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