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The Omowale Project is committed to the transformtion of the social justice movement, including how movement leaders engage their peers and community, the internal and external forces that serve as barriers to self-recovery and repair, the ways in which funders have historically contributed to harmful approaches to working with directly impacted individuals, and the cancel culture that replicates the merciless criminal legal system. 


We work deeply with all or part of an organization, remotely and/or in-person, in a combination of group and individual sessions. We work intensively with executive teams and convene interdisciplinary workshops for the entire staff, including our Liberation Through Healing Workshop Series. We are highly intentional about which organizations we partner with, seeking to have the most significant systemic impact by collaborating with liberatory organizations committed to promoting equity and reducing suffering. 

Our Healing-Centered Leadership Coaching (HCLC) integrates healing modalities with traditional coaching practices for a comprehensive approach to leadership development, cultivating holistic growth in individuals and organizations. Based in brain science and theories of neuroplasticity, HCLC acknowledges the need for trauma-sensitive leadership that recognizes the impact of racialized and generational trauma as well as the trauma and harms associated with histories of system involvement.  Honoring the interconnectedness of individual well-being and professional success, our work integrates spirituality and the exploration of how beliefs influence leadership.

The Omowale Project facilitates in-person Forwards (because we are not in Retreat) all over the U.S. Giving organizations and individual participants the opportunity to experience health-based capacity building support and hands-on care from healing arts and bodywork practitioners in a semi-sacred communal environment. 


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